Palm Leaf Plates – Making Earth Friendly Party A Reality

Stopping pollution has become a priority

These days many of us started realizing how much our earth is getting polluted by our everyday actions. The clean air and water which was once abundant, has now become a rare and thing of the past. The carbon emission is increasing every decade and is slowly cooking up the planet. Overwhelming amount of plastic debris are filling up the land and the ocean and also interrupts with local wildlife and marine life.

Many people not only just had a thought about this, but also developed a burning desire to end this pollution predicament. They had start using earth friendly products and adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Areca palm leaf plates is one such product that is a best alternative for plastic disposable plates used for serving food.

Why choose palm leaf plates


When you are an eco-conscious  person and you want to host a reunion party or a birthday party palm leaf plates, cups and cutlery can be used to serve food to your guests. These plates are made from 100% plant material and it doesn’t need any special composting units to compost. After use the soiled plates can be collected simply dug and buried in the back yard which will nourish the soil or can be crushed into pieces or can be used in vermicompost. The crushed pieces are broken down within less than 90 days.

How are the  leaf plates made

 Areca palm tree is commercial crop grown by Indian farmers mainly for harvesting the betel nuts. Karnataka is the largest producer of Areca nuts and has large area of Areca farms. This palm trees as part of natural process sheds the sheaths every year. Each sheath is unique and contains different grains on them. These sheaths are washed thoroughly in the factory in  clean water and pressed in the hydraulic press  with the plate shaped die on it. This pressing produces heat and bends the sheath into plates. After pressing, the plates are UV treated to remove micro particles and to improve shelf life of the plate.

It’s chemical FREE and very safe

Unlike the plastic or foam plates, Areca palm leaf plates contains no adhesives or binders and it is completely free from chemical. The plates can also hold hot and cold foods and can also be in oven at lesser temperature. The plates are sturdy, lightweight and comes with very little wood scent(natural scent). The plates are suited for all kind of food serving occasions.

Delight your guest and enrich the soil

Being light weight, it is very easy to pick it for your outside picnic or camping. When want to host a earth friendly party, using the Areca palm leaf plates will not only delight your guests but also will enrich the soil with nutrients.


About the Author

Naresh represents  CrozBorder Exports, manufactures and supplier of   different sizes and shapes of Areca plates in bulk quantities. At CrozBorder each areca sheath is carefully chosen from  vendors and thoroughly washed twice before pressing and UV treated before packing. This UV treatment process makes our plates safe and protect from building up mold and fungus during sea transit. The plates are finally shrink wrapped and  packed in the corrugated box.

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