Forest Fires-Life Finds A Way

Forest Fires, man-made or natural , are the worst disasters humans are facing. Its not like other disasters which wipe out a chunk of human population. Its like atomic explosion which affect generations. The current one in Mumbai’s Aarey Forest is nothing new unless citizens don’t work along with nature. Why is that so ? Because Nature finds a way unless we stop it . It does so very quickly too .

I happen to cross the reserve forest of Bandipur few days after the March 2014 Forest fire(Photo) .

It was a scène of great devastation. People inside witnessed animals on fire running around . Birds were gone. Tall trees were standing bare with few roasted brown leaves and poodles of ashy water all along the way. Reasons for this fire according to me were “too many humans”. You can read it here .(click) 

But to witness the fighting sprit of Nature I crossed the forest after a month (May 2014) and life had already found its way.

Ashy field was covered in green grass , trees were sprouting new leaves, animals started grazing and beautiful birds were back. If like humans Nature too had thought that its lost forever we would have slowly lost Bandipur and its tigers forever. Every year there is some type of  forest fire in this region. They are mostly not as  grand as that one and often not reported widely. Mother Nature is well equipped to recover as long as we don’t go and claim the Land for our selfish purpose.


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