DIY Citrus Vaporizer

Winter air is dry leading to all kinds of dry itching. Some itchings like dry throats or eyes can turn nasty and would later  need  antibiotics.  Vaporizers or humidifiers are a way to  soothe irritations of skin, eyes nose and bronchial tract by increasing  moisture indoors. DIY Vaporizer- Don’t throw away citrus peels. Slow boil(simmer) in clean water with a pinch of cinnamon powder to get relief from winter dryness, itchy eyes and throats , mild coughs and congestion and blocked nose. Increasing humidity removes many allergens and dust from air. Extremely beneficial for eczema conditions. Can add different herbs and spices for different conditions. Eye irritations can be soothed with cypress leaves or chamomile leaves for stress reduction . One has to be careful and boil it away from reach of small kids. Induction cook tops, electric kettles , slow cookers and even essential oil diffusers with regular addition of water work. Couple of hours in the evening will give a good nights sleep. Commercial humidifiers have a drawback of maintaining zero bacterial growth as well as releasing harsh cleaning chemicals as aerosols.


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