A Climate-Challenge Before The World


Climate change once considered an issue for a distant future has moved firmly into the present. It is a big issue and still growing! Collective efforts are required in order to come over this problem. It’s heart-breaking to see many people denying Climate change! They act as if nothing is going on! There is absolutely no danger to Earth! Really? They are acting as if by closing their eyes the danger will pass by. Climate change denial statements are coming from some so called responsible scientists & politicians which make it more alarming. These people need to know that this is actually happening..Its real, it’s not fake or build-up story for god’s sake! Denying climate change is not a solution to this giant problem but working seriously to stop it is the real solution. Especially our Leaders/Politicians need to be serious about it and take some very crucial steps against climate change instead of denying the scientific facts-sheets because we don’t have time! We need to act now because we are not having any other option left with us.


In the end of this year, world leaders from all the countries are going to meet on the platform of COP21 and this is the time when they can mark their yes on policies to support environment and Earth. Millions of people have got hope in their hearts that some sustainable agreements will be made for their future and for the generations to come. We need to send out clear messages to our leaders before COP21 that we want “cleaner & greener future”, so act now! People have started doing their efforts to save the greens of our planet and to stop climate change in their own little or big ways. Some our using bicycles, some are opting for organic farming, saying no to plastic bags and so on. Though, there is still a long way to go because there is still  bigger bunch of people who are not ready to change their lifestyles and are not sensing the danger of climate change and we people need to knock on their doors continuously to let them know that they need to change!

Solar energy & opting for renewable is the solution standing in front of us! India especially can gain a lot from solar energy since it is the country which is a biggest receiver of solar energy but sadly uses not even 40% of it! Our country still has got a larger area suffering without electricity and going solar will help a lot not only socially but economically too for our country and also for world. Opting for solar power & investing in clean energy will not only make the conditions livable for people but also will uplift our economies and will create more jobs which is a much needed factor for any country. Recently, Delhi has emerged as the city with the most polluted air which is alarming…bigger and more sustainable steps are required to be taken by not only the government but also by people. They need to think and choose in what type of condition do they want to live? Would they like to breathe clean air or the polluted one which will affect their bodies negatively with every passing second! More use of public transport should be encouraged, opting for a sustainable living, organic farming could be another option and planting trees is the age-old solution for every climate problem. The world is still not over, we can still change the things positively, and we have the solutions right in front of us! We only need to step towards them wisely for we have only one plant to live on and that is Earth. Protect it, before it’s too late!

Divya Sharma

Divya is a social activist, fighting for Human Rights and Environmental issues. She has been working with and associated with some international NGO’s. She has led some successful environment related campaigns and plans to do more of such work in coming years. Divya enjoys travelling, meeting new people, reading, writing, and composing poetry in her free time. She can be contacted at divs68@hotmail.com.

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  • 18 June, 2015 at 10:28 am

    Thanks Divya for sharing your views. The situation is currently very bad as about 80 deaths in Delhi per day is attributed to pollution only. We have to work fast to get some balance in nature.


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