Re-Growing Veggies

The next time you’re chopping or preparing vegetables, don’t throw out the leftover pieces. Those seeds and scraps can often be used for Re-Growing the parent vegetable in  your kitchen or vegetable garden, saving you money and reducing food  waste.
Take a look at just a few of the many veggies you can regrow. For the best results, use organic produce because some chemicals can discourage sprouting. Just make sure you use fresh scraps (not stuff that’s been composting for a week) and remember to pay attention to your baby future plant, making sure it has the water and light it needs.



Don’t throw those old potatoes. Put them to work and grow a kitchen garden from leftover bits and pieces. When your potatoes start to grow eyes, cut them into 2-inch pieces that contain eyes. Let them sit out overnight so the exposed sections can dry out, and then plant them in soil about 4 inches deep, eyes facing up. It can take about a month for new growth.



Ginger is one the best fresh herbs to have on hand and it is easy to grow. Take a section of the ginger root and plant it in soil where it will get indirect sunlight. After about a week, there is generally enough growth to use the ginger. Just keep repeating this to ensure a plentiful ginger supply. It grows well both indoors and outdoors. When you need ginger for a recipe, simply pull it up, harvest some of the root and then replant it.



Garlic is an excellent food for your health and you can grow it easily. If you have extra garlic cloves lying around, plant them in soil.  Make sure the weather is warm throughout the day and that the area has adequate sunlight. Cut the shoots back and allow your garlic to grow and give the garlic several weeks to fatten up.




The seeds in tomatoes are all you need to grow new ones. The next time you slice open a tomato, pull some of the seeds out, place them on a paper towel and allow them to dry. Put the seeds into potting soil and allow these to grow indoors until you notice a few inches of growth. Then, just put them outside in a sunny area.



Carrots are very easy to grow because you just put the tops in some water and after the green tops are visible and roots start, plant this outside. Any root vegetable can be grown this way, such as carrots, turnips, beets and parsnips.






Instead of discarding the base of these leafy plants, put them in a bowl of shallow water for the leaves to regrow. Place the bowl in a location with ample sunlight and occasionally mist the leaves with water. After a few days, roots and new leaves will appear and you can transplant your leafy veggie into soil. Do change the water everyday.



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  • 17 June, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    Thanks Lincy . Very useful info. More so when even the simplest of veggies and spices are soaked in pesticides and other chemicals to make them last longer. Have you tried growing turmeric this way. I have done that and reaping the benefits of it now.


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