“We Need A Revolution!!”……HIs Holiness Pope Francis

“We Need a Revolution!!”…..Pope.   I am glad that “His Holiness” is the first to come out of “me, mine, our” state to address the problem faced by the whole planet. He is the first one to realise that …Faith survives till humans survive. If we have to keep our faiths alive we have to protect the planet. The whole world was waiting eagerly for His Holiness’s message. Pope, Head of nation, religious head of the strong 1 billion Catholics globally still holes respect all over the world and when a message comes from him people really hope to get something like a magic wand or a panacea which solving  our problems overnight. For the more logical any problem which has taken time to accumulate will surely take time but still they welcome a path forward from a leader of his stature. There is no panacea but command to follow with all our heart the remedies to protect the environment. Some of the main points of his message

1) Excepting that we have problem is first step towards solving it and ‘His Holiness ‘mentions that we face a grave problem all across the globe irrespective of caste colour and creed.

2) Waste and pollution is blamed on developed countries which I don’t agree as in India we import iron scrap but fail to recycle even a can of coke. We put all our waste (solid, useful, plastics) in landfills and then get scrap from outside. I cannot comment on other developing nations but situation may not be very different. As I see nothing should go as a waste. Everything is useful and care should be taken to use it as required. Developing countries should take care of their resources first then try to ape others.

3) Though religion doesn’t come under my discussion as environment is for all faiths I too agree that if any misinterpretation leading to harming our planet should be avoided at any cost. “No life. No religion”.  Especially in our country land, plants, water air everything is abused in the name of religion and its interpretations made by men appointed as religious leaders.     Christians have misinterpreted Scripture and “must forcefully reject the notion that our being created in God’s image and given dominion over the earth justifies absolute domination over other creatures.” Since Pope has the licence to speak for his faith only but its not the fault of one. Each and every faith has contributed towards this issue.

4) A birth right which I totally agree but what do we do about it when we pollute our water bodies.

5) Any economy which is based on limited resources will fail to provide for all. Now it’s the fossil fuel based economy which anyway is limited.

6) This again is tilted towards sentiments but I fail to understand how growing numbers can be sustained. As a physicist I would say that ‘mass is conserved’ so more people- less food and resources .I agree that abortion is against GOD but why do we have to go up to the point of abortion. Population control is the best way to sustain environment. I agree that it will not feed the poor immediately but over a period of time it surely is going to decrease poverty and all other hate related crimes. Numbers lead to lack of jobs, recourses which aggravates poverty.  A jobless angry and hungry person doesn’t think much before killing people thinking that they are the cause of his misery.

7) Fully agree to this as once we come out of these petty issues we will be able to work towards a better planet for all of us.

8) I don’t expect it to be followed in our country.

9) And finally the reason ‘Greenmoksha’ is here…”Act of Individuals matter a lot”.  We should all work towards the issue.

pope on climate

We have to leave this world for our children



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2 thoughts on ““We Need A Revolution!!”……HIs Holiness Pope Francis

  • 19 June, 2015 at 10:45 am

    I hope “His Holiness” listen our voice and spread message to Save Earth for future generations! Amen!

    • 19 June, 2015 at 11:05 am

      We need more leaders coming up for the benefit of mankind,forgetting their differences.


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