Takeaways – Not So Green Anymore

70s 80s and even in  90s concept of takeaway was very different . Food was delivered in own containers which were dropped at the restaurant earlier. Even if the containers belonged to the restaurant they were taken back /or delivered,  the next day  and the sum kept as a security was returned. We had couple of huge such tiered containers at home. They were decades old , made of aluminium and belonged to granny. Only change that took place was us buying a new steel one but still maintained the takeaway style.  These were used for picnics as well as frequent potluck dinners as we stayed in a close-nit campus.

Another reason this was possible was that we went local . Restaurant was local , nearby and well known to all in the locality . Could deliver on cycle or we could get it walking . Listened to our choices and prepared accordingly . In fact the most important step in going green ‘be local’ was naturally applicable .

Current plastic take aways are extremely bad for our health as well as environment . Started by non- local food chains it was picked up fast by locals too.

Now the apps for food delivery is grossly violating environmental norms. One just have to see how much plastic tapes and packaging they use other than containers. This is to make sure  the person doesn’t eat from the containers . Corruption, careless attitude, stealing , adulteration all    are responsible for this plastic menace. Also the rundown    two wheelers used by delivery boys emitting thick black smoke should be added to this crime against environment. Who doesn’t like tasty restaurant style food once in a while but not at the cost of environment.

There is nothing one can do except stop getting food from outside or is there a way.

‘Remember Gandhi Ji’s dream of self sustained community .’ 

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