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While in the middle of the 21st century we were indeed not prepared for the living hell situation of the environment in which we are breathing. The only thing in this world without which we cannot live even for a minute is air. Since India is among the most polluted countries in the world there, arise the most critical question, “Will it be really possible for us to realise what the damn torture we are doing on our environment knowing and unknowingly? Will it be possible to control this mess of pollution sooner?”

While the answer remains unanswered as we are too busy with our own life maintenance, politics and regular chores. We hardly care about the so-called small issue like ‘air pollution’ which has been life-threatening damage for us and our children. The small rivers like Sabarmati, Bhawani, Damodar and more has been polluted along with Ganga and Yamuna. The source of fresh drinking water like ‘groundwater’ is no longer safe enough. As much as we are not able to get pure water, the air in which we breathe every second has become the unhealthiest.

The city’s air quality is severely polluted round the year. We are still not aware of the horrible picture of air pollution in which we are living. The inferior air quality is no longer giving us scope to be healthy, especially the kids and older are suffering from various no-cure diseases. Can we do something to make it a tiny bit better, as I am sure if we all play our respective part, we can make a big difference? Let’s talk about doing something which will give us some more days of good healthy life.

Quick tips to keep yourself safe from air pollution

Exercising Outdoors: Yes we always used to do our running or jogging during morning time as starting the day with a scheduled exercise might give us a kick start to store energy for the rest of the time. Mornings seem to be the perfect time to exercise for our kids too. But in the current situation, breathing toxic air outside while walking, running or jogging or doing outdoor activities should be refrained until the time when the smog settles down. Children under the age of eight, should not practice outdoor activities at the morning time, the time can be shifted to evening to prevent toxic air intake for a specific amount.

Use of air purifiers and wearable technologies: That time was a past thing when air purifiers were a mere luxury for home. Air pollution causes various diseases like an obstructive disease, lung and heart diseases and many more. This is an excellent time to invest in an air purifier at home which is as much necessary as food, water and air to live life. It is a necessity that can help to decrease the poor-quality air streams inside the house and make it clean and fresh. Choose an air purifier according to power, size, and space.

Wearable air purifiers are the smart gadgets that go wherever you go. It is not logical that you will stay at home forever to avoid air impurities, that’s where the wearable technologies come handy. It provides fresh air without allergens and bacteria within the breathing zone. These machines are not heavy weight, they are silent and almost unnoticeable at your neck.

Install indoor air pollution sensors: When it is necessary to detect the volatile organic compounds the sensor provides the information required and allow the connected system to provide clean air in the indoor environment. Monitoring indoor air is essential for day to day life especially in the critical spaces like a bathroom, and kitchen of the home, along with office and school areas. Robust and sensitive sensors are needed to protect yourself from the impurities of air.

Plants that can make your home less pollutant: Try to buy plants those who can filter carbon dioxide. Certain household plants can actually filter your indoor air and absorb toxins. The plants like money plant, mother-in-law’s tongue, and bamboo palm and peace lily are few among many which can make your home look elegant and freshen up your environment.

Clean up the spaces and wear respirator: Cleaning only your floor wouldn’t help much. The hidden areas need to be cleaned every week so that there is no dirt and mould for the whole year. The air quality at home gets affected by the cooking, barbeques and even incense burning. Check your filters, old furniture and every corner of the house to avoid unwanted pollution and allergies.

Wearing a respirator or masks is almost as universal in the cities as carrying a water bottle. The air purifying respirators is a kind of cover that makes a seal with the face and the filter prevent the polluted air to enter your mouth and nose. There is a question of its benefits but anyway it keeps a guard between your face and pollution when you are at outdoor areas.

Tricks to help yourself and others breathe better:

•    Consider some good air pollution apps which will offer information about the outdoor air quality for every hour. Your Weather, Airnow, SAFAR-Air for India are few useful apps to download on your mobiles to know about the air quality forecasts.

•    Use less energy at home to prevent a bit of pollution where you actually dwell. This is necessary especially if there are kids around the house for most of the time.

•    Restrict yourself and others from burning trash which creates particle pollution in the air, and we directly inhale it.

•    Don’t allow anyone to smoke inside the vehicle or home. The tobacco pollutes the air no less than cars.

•    Help yourself and others to breathe fresh and natural. Take support and fight for fresh air and share more information about air pollution with others.


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