Step by Step: Composting Guide

Don’t waste your kitchen waste,its a resource. Use it to make Compost .

Composting is a process of recycling  kitchen and garden waste.
Its a very easy process.I am doing it for more than 5 months. Its really amazing to see how nature works.
Compost: Carbon+ Nitrogen+ Oxygen.
1. Take a pot with one or more holes in it. For oxygen.
2. Keep a newspaper to soak extra water.
3. Add a layer of soil or compost.I used soil for my first batch.
4. Add vegetable/fruit scraps (nitrogen/Green)
5. Add dry leaves (Carbon/brown)
6. Nitrogen and carbon ratio should be 1:3. 3 parts of brown(dry leaves etc) and 1 part carbon(food scraps)
7. Make a layer of nitrogen and carbon again to form a heap.
8. With green add 1 tbsp of yogurt/curd to activate process.
9. Cover heap with a newspaper or dry leaves.
10. Cover pot with some kind of lid.
11.Next day add greens and brown and mix different materials. Turn your pile regularly to produce a sweet smelling pile that will decompose faster.
After 2 to 3 days pile will look like below image:
12: Once your pot is full ,use another pot to continue this process. turn pile in first pot once in a week. In 1 to 2 months,your compost will get ready.Sieve the ready compost and use for your garden.You can now  use this pot to continue the process.
13. Finally the compost looks like:

1. Add piece of lemon to avoid flies.
2. Avoid cooked food if you are composting at home to avoid smell,it will also make process slow.
3. Pile should be moist (not soggy or dry). If its dry add more vegetables and if its too wet add dry  leaves or newspaper.


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