Organic Clothing and Their Benefits

We know about organic food,  organic personal care products or organic gardening, but not vey informed about organic clothing? Organic clothing are slowly becoming popular in India.

Organic clothing are prepared  from all-natural, non-synthetic fabrics from plants. No synthetic, chemical pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, and additives are used in these clothes making them the perfect fit for babies.

Many are interested in it and it’s the main reason about 30% of growth is seen in organic Industry over the past 6-7 years.

Benefits of Organic clothing

Inorganic colors and synthetic fibers may affect our skin so it is advisable to use natural and organic clothing. Chemicals used in preparing many colors are harmful for our health as well as environment.

Organic clothes are easily decomposable in our earth. It is an added advantage after decomposition it adds essentials to the soil. It is pollution free and very smooth when compared to normal synthetic fibres.

These are eco-friendly and produced from non-genetically modified plants. Thus, traditional plant varieties are encouraged and conserved.

Cotton is a crop which consumes a  maximum amount of pesticides.  By organic cotton we can overcome it. From recent survey article by NRDC , chemicals are into milk due to cattle grazing on cotton fields.

 Check pesticide Info. How our soil is losing everything. It is predicted that a day will come where polluted genome cannot be controlled by humans. Medicines used by us are going to be useless if we are not able to  control pollution.

Natural colors are used in organic clothes which are normally extracted from flowers. Extraction of colors are very interesting natural colors can be used in cuisine too for enhancing it’s taste.

After reading the article by NRDC, every mother will opt for  organic wear. It’s a step taken by many people to control pollution indirectly.

Pollution by many chemicals enters into our blood these can be easily controlled by all of us just say no to clothes using synthetic materials and colours. A step by you will help producers of organic clothes immensely.

 Attractive  colour jeans and T-shirt.  See my friends photograph at Ooty with full organic wear. (Mallikarjun)

 The organic industry should be encouraged by all of us.

Spread the word to educate our society


One thought on “Organic Clothing and Their Benefits

  • 29 July, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    Good one but I see many problems for future of organic clothing. Firstly mankind is only careful of what they ingest as the effects are direct. Things affecting indirectly like cloths are not given much importance. Secondly our eyes are our parameter. What looks beautiful is preferred. Organic colours don’t have all the different shades available in market today synthetically. Thirdly even if everyone decides to go for it there wont be enough to supply them. Main cause is the growing number of humans on this side of the world. 🙂


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