Forest Roads: A Death Trap for Animals

Fear and Respect Animals; They have the right of the way
Fear and Respect Animals; They have the right of the way

It’s a serious problem faced by many of us while passing through forest areas. First I should thank Mr.Appalanarasayya for this great idea about  an ancient practice followed by many people in rural areas to control animals at night time mainly on roads.

Do you want to  know how  to control these unusual deaths on the road then read  this post.

An endangered lion-tailed macaque lies dead on the road in a rain forest fragment in the Western Ghats. (Photo: Kalyan Varma, Click on the photo for the article)

The ancient practice of controlling animals while going through forest area is to have an overhead lamp with us. Confused let me  make it clear with some facts. Everybody knows that animals run away by seeing fire right??

-Animal sense sound and light  from  far. Vehicle headlights also are useful. They move away from roads.  Its perfect solution. You can try it. It is practiced in my area to control deaths of many animals.

-One can see  different colours of eyes in animals, but every eye responds to light and its movement. Normally many adivasis’ in jungles use these techniques. They say reddish yellow lights are good for a perfect journey in a jungle.

-Reserved forest areas are where we should  use reddish yellow torch lights to fear animals on our way.

-If they are very near to the  vehicle while driving you can switch on/off the headlight but  do not honk as some may get irritated.

-Do not feed animals on the way because then they come to the road in search of food at night time also and  they may get injured. Do not throw waste and garbage on road sides. Many animals are being killed just by consuming polyethylene bags. Poor animals they don’t have the voice to express their feeling .

-Do not utter some words or some sounds to irritate animals . Many zoo authorities experience these kind of abusing people who visits the zoo.

In my view, many accidents are taking place at night times. Day  time we can control the vehicle movement even animals give us the way to pass through. Friends please follow rules while driving through forests areas. Many of us claim that forest it is very dangerous in night and drive fast to cover it quickly. We see our own safety and drive at full speed. We do not  care what happens to animals. Please remember forest is dangerous  only when we  do not follow the rules.

It is inhumane to say our safety is first. Try to avoid travelling through forest during night-time and plan journeys accordingly.Death is inevitable, we can’t run away from it. Fear for silly  reasons is not right. Enjoy nature while going for a ride in restricted areas.

Not following rules while driving can cost a poor animal his life. Please  obey the rules.

Spread the word and educate our society.

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