Donate to conserve our wild life

Friends see these poor animals. Nearly 65% of Indian zoos’ lack Infrastructure. Many zoo authorities are displaying boards saying “adopt animals and help  their survival.”  I would request readers to come forward for conservation of  these animals.  Visit a nearby zoo and  help the zoo authorities with donation.

Beautiful clicks taken by my friend- Prasangi Sathi Raju.

The small amount you donate will  feed a small animal which was starving without sufficient food. Think about it from now I am going to donate little money regularly to  save  these poor animals.

When visiting a zoon you can carry demand draft or cheque or many online donations are available to donate directly.. Contact zoo authorities find the option you like and save  some of the animals.

Visit this website be a part to conserve poor animals.

Central zoo authority

                            Spread the word to educate our society. 

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  • 24 July, 2015 at 11:18 am

    Good One ! This trend to adopt animals has been there for quite sometime but only among the elite in society. Bangalore zoo has many animals adopted by famous persons like Anil Kumble , MS Dhoni etc. This has not been very popular among most of the citizens. Maybe the amount doesn’t fit in their budget. One way this can be remedied is by sharing the cost of a single animal by a group of people, housing society, schools or corporate organizations.


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