Nature’s Gems on Grass

Have you ever looked carefully at nature’s ‘Gems on Grass’,  the tiny flowers which grow very close to the ground. We have always looked upon the grass as a stuff for lawns and good to be walked  upon.  Just need to look carefully and you will be surprised by just how complex, pretty and interesting grasses can be. Along with grasses different kinds of weeds grow close to the ground and most of the time they are considered a nuisance . Most people think that weeds are ugly menacing plant life but they too are amazing intricate and exquisite work of art by nature which we often trample under our feet .Many of them have medicinal properties and some of them protect the land from insects just like a chemical insecticide would do.

This photo blog captures some of the weed flowers like White Clover, Dandelion , Pom-Pom Weed, Blue eyed grass, Golden eyed grass, Ageratum conyzoides (Billygoat Weed) , Chamomile, for future generations from fast vanishing grass patches in the concrete jungles. It’s a small world after all.



Some Info on Weeds-

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