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Nowadays most open urban places are littered with plastic bags carrying garbage. Most of the time such heaps are seen right next to the big garbage pits meant for disposal off the garbage. The bags used to dispose off garbage are mostly thick plastic bags. Government has imposed restriction on use of thinner carry bags to stop the menace of one-time use bags so that stronger bags will be reused and reduce choking of drainage due to thinner plastic carry bags ( if that is the reason). Utmost concern is about separation of  the organic garbage from nondegrading garbage. Further disposal of organic and degradable garbage in thicker plastic bags leads to longer time to degrade and many times handling degraded stuff in such nondegradable bags. The peril in this case is reuse of plastic bags – not knowing the resulting menace it creates. Awareness about the waste disposal in a right manner is very important. One simple act can reduce the exposure to unhygienic environment  and also ugly urban sites.



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