Make The Lockdown A Green One !!

A classic case of ‘closing the stable after the horses ran off’.

One needs to be aware that tiring stressful days are ahead as we step into lockdown . Severe depression is common in quarantine situations . People used to working 8-9 hours suddenly feel useless . People staying at home suddenly feel bogged down by a lot of extra work . Irritation , arguments , physical assault all can be expected .

One needs to get into something productive or some new learning . Virtual academies will play an important role here. I am already involved into all the sustainability courses available online and would suggest doing so .

In the meantime I am happy that this lockdown will reduce unnecessary consumption. Many packaged goods will be replaced by DIYs . Simple home cooked meals without involving plastic packaging . Home personal care remedies, beauty treatments, making own cosmetics , reducing food wastage and careful storing of fruits and vegetables all will slowly find their way back into our lives .

New techniques of working with less, working quickly and planning ahead will emerge .

Already enjoying blue skies and less noise pollution and hoping that organisations will realise that majority of work can be done without needing huge glass walled , air-conditioned skyscrapers.

Rest assured our lives will not be the same once this pandemic is over.

I want all of us to relearn some sustainable practise of the past. By the end of the lockdown we will be green lifestyle experts.

I invite readers to send in what they learned and practised here or in our social media portals .




Let’s uplift each other’s mood in the green way !!!



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