How to Make India ‘The Greenest Corner’ of The Universe

This is a universal truth that there are millions of people like you and me who are more than ready to start an environment friendly life. The only real problem is from where to start. The easy way to do that is from your own home. Even if you do so by not using plastic bags, using solar lights and chargers or making your own vegetable garden, you still feel the need to make a common awareness about upgrading basic lifestyle for environmental improvement.

If you see United States as a country that follows green movement, we can observe that 49% recycling rate for Washington followed by Minnesota, Ohio, New Jersey, California and Colorado(aiming to be the first ‘zero waste community’). The five major states in USA to follow the reusable trends are California, Hawaii, and Washington, Utah, Georgia. Among them California. Using easy ways to make life more greener is the motto of those states. In India, we do not have any scarcity of talented researchers and educated people and thus, we can make our country more environment friendly just like early days.

We just need to change our mind and come out of the shell to become more human and think about the survival of everyone else including us and our future generations. You might be thinking changing society is an impossible mission, but take a look at these points discussed below and let me know if it’s really impossible? I am sure you will give positive answer –

Plant trees

Planting tress small and big around homes and streets is like digging the ground and finding gold! Plants gives us oxygen and fruit, they purify the air, controls soil erosion, gives us shades and preserve consumption of energy. Thus, educating people to plant more trees and making everyone to do that including yourself is probably the cheapest and best option to ‘go green’.

Improve Agriculture

India has second largest agricultural land in the world and we are wasting it in building malls and high rise buildings. If we seriously use it for plantation and agriculture, we will not need to use any pesticide. There will be more than enough raw materials for us to use as well as supply to other countries too.

Learn Energy Efficiency

If we practice to conserve energy at home and throughout the country it will be easy to follow the next step of reusing natural resources like air, water and solar power which will be beneficial in the long run.

Preserve Water

Water preservation is equally important as conserving forest and trees because it’s one of the most essential need of life and also can be reused for more producing more energy. Start saving water from home and take care of the lakes, rivers and ocean to maintain the balance of the universe.

Try to Buy recycling products

When we use recycling goods it helps to reduce pollution and also do not harm the environment during its production, use or distribution.

Stop littering

Make sure to take a litter bag with you whenever or where ever you travel. Let your neighbors and other business owners in your area know the value of keeping enough trash cans with proper lids to avoid litters.

Join some environmental groups

If you know someone who is involved in civic group, encourage them to ‘clean-up program’ and involve others too. Together maintaining eco-life can be done quite effortlessly.

Reduce use of harmful chemicals

If you can find some time and effort to make your own cleaning products, avoid using parabens and SLS in your daily cosmetics (refer for safe options), avoid air-fresheners or any synthetic fragrances, use BPA free plastic containers or keep off your shoes while entering the house , those few little things can keep you safe from using daily chemicals.

Composting- A great way to go organic

Composting is the key-thing for organic farming whether at home or farms. Many things should be compost instead of thrown away. We can do this at home and grow organic food instead of buying them at higher price.

Wildlife protection

Practice of protecting wildlife and plants yourself as well as taking help from active/non-active government organizations can be so beneficial to the society as well as our planet. This is an important step for maintaining healthy eco-system.

Start to spread Awareness 

Keep yourself engaged and aware others about the danger of today’s most important concern and threat to Mother Nature. Pollution, erosion, cutting down of trees, use of plastics, and abusing power energy are few to name among the threats to us and our coming generations.

India is quite less aware from inside about the eco-friendly life and the necessity of taking care of the environment. But we still have few recent examples which we should take as learning and follow them too.

Steps taken recently by individual and groups, which are remarkable and noticeable like the proper use of plastic bottles and bamboo for making houses , a rooftop garden in a taxi and many more.
Make the ‘3R’ – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, one of the major goal to implement in our life. Buy less or reduce the amount of unnecessary items, compost the used things and recycle the trash to make something new from them. By following these easy available things, let us all take few small and big steps to make India – the greenest country in the planet.


Featured image is taken at a small and still pristine green region in southern India.

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