Fishing Experience in Rural Areas

Community rivers are places where we can see migratory birds a lot. Also  in and around villages surrounded by forests. In summer, many wild animals come for  water and  many young animals rest near these water bodies. Birds build  nests around the rivers and many of them are migratory birds.  Plain areas surrounding these rivers are  filled with thousands of birds. The  river in our area is very big and irrigates  around 150 hectares.

In villages, community rivers are used  for fishing. For one day in a year 20% of fish catch is distributed to all the villagers and remaining sent to nearby markets. This year money from this is spent for constructing bore wells in our locality. Feeling blessed to participate in this event for helping our villagers.

        Have a close look how these fisherman is using his net.

These community rivers are occupied by many aquaculture industries and spoiling environment around borders. Please share this post as much as you can many village rivers should be conserved for  sustaining our environment.

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