Blooming Shade Garden

 (Photographs & information courtesy Green Essence The Garden Concept Store)

Today urban living means high rise buildings reaching skies but getting away from nature. Apartments have very little space for having at least some potted plants and worst of all sunlight. Usually apartment buildings don’t get enough sunlight. Some plants need full days sunlight like Hibiscus and Tulsi (basil). They wither very soon in balconies. There is still some hope in plants which flourish in shade and give us blooming Shade Garden in our balconies. Some of the shade garden’s options are given here.

Orchids: Bloom throughout the year and each bloom lasting for months.

Begonias: These hardy perennials can make even the dullest corners look bright.

Impatience: Fragile but grows fast and gives abundant flowers throughout the year.

Bromeliads: A single bloom last for many months and loves shades.

Herb wall: A small vertical garden panel with herbs and medicinal plants like tincture not only green up the place but provide fresh aromatic herbs for cooking.

Ivy Geranium: These plants on railings plants are experts in making the most indirect sunlight and gives blooms regularly.

Care Tips:

A little extra care is required for shade gardens. Make sure to keep aphids and mealy bugs at bay by regularly spraying a good fungicide/insecticide.

Remove dead leaves and clean the plants at least once a week. Water only when the tops soil looks dry and make sure excess water is removed from the base.

Pretty orchid wall
Begonias adding their charm to the space
A corner with bromeliads,begonias and orchids
A little vertical garden with edible and medicinal herbs with a dash of the impatience adding colour to the wall
Ivy Geraniums filled with blooms on our railing holders


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