Birds -Their Need And Importance

Birds are vertebrate with wings and feathers. Their body is covered with light and tough layer of feathers and they have very light skeleton, therefore when they use their powerful muscles to flap their wings they are able to attain flight. Some bird species do not have these strong muscle because of which they remain flightless their whole life. Birds do not have teeth, but horn like beaks or bills which they use to pick their food and swallow it. Birds hatch from eggs, and many species build nest for their eggs and young one to let them grow in safety.

We watch these birds every day in sky, some of are in awe while some envy them and some just ignore them altogether, but what no one realize is how important they are to our ecosystem and to us humans.


These birds play very important role in ecosystem and help us deal with many important issue such as:

  • Birds deal with pest
  • Birds are responsible for pollination and spreading seeds
  • Birds are natural cleanup crew
  • Birds keep coral reefs and landscapes alive
  • Birds inspire science

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