Happy Envirostrich Day !

Happy Environment Day or should I say Envirostrich Day.  Media is sharing all tips and tricks about eco-friendliness, healthy-living, organic food, conservation of resources, recycle and many more. Being hopeful is good but not enough it seems. I find Environmental websites and magazines full of ideas on how to live a green life. There are many people like me who also abide by them but in wane. It’s been decades now since many  “Save the Environment” movements  kicked in but it’s not even status-quo. It’s accelerating downhill. Then why this “Ostrich” attitude?


Why propagate false hopes when eating organic stuff or driving an electric car has not helped even a tiny fraction. This year we did not have summer in our region. It is usually from mid-Feb to April but we had extended winter and then straight away rains. Isn’t it saying that our efforts are not enough, since our city has the maximum number of electric cars, newer efficient cars, big lakes and lots of greenery than other parts of the country .

Greenpeace chart shows solar power captured increased 23 times in the last five years.


Solar and  wind energy all are being utilized in running big hotels and factories still we have some of the most polluted cities in the world. ? Why big, century old, trusted world-wide MNC’s lose their goodwill after coming here.

Do we really have any idea about the actual cause? We keep on repeating “Prevention is Better than Cure”, but we end up searching for cure rather than thinking about prevention.  What is stopping us from preventing this massacre of Nature?

It’s the “SELF” –ish attitude. Everything we do is for our good only. Our myopic eyes can see up to our own house and family.  What prompted, people believing in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, adopting this attitude? The race for survival in the ever increasing number of humans is the reason for this change of attitude.  When there are millions to feed with limited resources everyone wants to save them  for themselves and their families. It’s not long when someone else will be writing similarly omitting the word –family.  That will be the day when everyone will think only about themselves.  Every logic and reason is burnt in the fire of the gut.

More people need more food, power, houses, medicines clothes, transports.  How long Mother Nature will be able to take up additional burdens.

Suppose I plan to go green by saving a bucket of water every day. Will that help? No! Because there will be thousands of new entries into the world to use up that one bucket.  Will purchasing an electric car help if number of old, black smoke-emitting, not-maintained taxis increase on the road. I segregate my waste very carefully but the collector mixes up everything to speed up the process to be able to do more work. Will yoga help in stopping the pollution going into our lungs and Ayurveda be able to flush the Lead from our systems? Respected Prime Minister is launching tree plantation campaign today. If every possible care is taken a tree grows to be giving enough oxygen in about ten years. By then several thousands would have been cut to provide houses, fuel, and funeral for the ever increasing population. Saying don’t cut trees is not just enough.

NH 212 Hundreds of trees cut to widen the road.

Whatever small or big efforts we do, it’s not going to change anything at all.  People forget everything else to earn little more to feed the increasing family members. Drops will not make an ocean for us.  We need a real meltdown. So this Environmental Day let’s take our heads out of mound of small green – tips for a change.

PS: A fresh example of our attitude is seen in the snap. It’s a photo of pile of Maggi packets on the banks of a very beautiful lake in our city taken couple of days back. It says “As long as it is out of my house I am safe and healthy. Let me work to earn more.” It’s time to learn that one day will have to eat plastics along with milk, vegetable and fishes like we are having Lead now but who cares.



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