World Environment Day–Revive Green Traditions!

Illustration of world environment day concept background.World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5 to raise global awareness about environmental protection and saving Earth.  World gears up for this day with numerous campaigns like planting record breaking number of trees in a day ,engage school children in eco projects, competitions etc. The first World Environment Day was celebrated in 1973. 40 years and still not much achieved in terms of balancing humans and nature. Several small islands are facing threat because of rising oceans. Global warming is increasing at an alarming rate. Media campaigns, meets, rallies all are non-green activities and only add to the problem. So what is the need of the day? Change in attitude and individual responsibility. Need to revive some of our Green Traditions ..

Indians can show a lot to the world towards green living. India was traditionally a very eco-friendly culture but most of it is forgotten now and the word culture has become a mere synonym of religion. Believing as religious practices we have followed many sustainable living principles since ages. Worshipping trees meant not cutting them. Feeding the cow left over food and kitchen waste meant no wet-waste from a home hence no segregation problems. Avoiding wastage or conserving. Walking miles to go on a pilgrimage. Synergistic cooperation among locals. Use of plants in home ‘as religious artifacts’ for chemical free solutions to insect repellents, air purifiers. Simple products made out of common herbs, dry leaves and mud. The list goes on. The respect of nature was always the essence in all the traditions. Being completely organic unknowingly, is what we can call our past. Today on ‘World Environment Day’ let’s search our traditions to discover those green practices again and follow them.

Wishing all a Sustainable “Environment Day”


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