Will Water from Plastic Bottles Make Men Get Feminine Traits?

Shared by Dushyant Krishnan (founder-foodnetindia)

With no tap in India able to deliver clean drinking water, more and more people are buying bottled water and a very large number of people reuse the bottles for storing drinking water.

But doing this can actually make you and your family very sick.

Do they leach BPA ?

BPA is an estrogen-mimicking chemical linked to a host of serious health problems like Learning and behavioral problems, altered immune system function, early puberty in girls and fertility problems, decreased sperm count, prostate and breast cancer and diabetes and obesity. Plastic storage containers for food and other uses in India are often made of BPA containing plastics. Water bottles however, are supposed to be made of BPA free PET. So, does that make them safe?

Are PET Bottles safe to store water?

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is used to make clear plastic bottles for bottled water. There are studies to prove that estrogenic chemicals could leak into the contents from bottles made from PET.

In addition, there are studies which show that PET leaches endocrine disrupters. And these could disrupt testosterone levels and yes, they could contribute to the rise of feminine characteristics in males like the growth of breasts or “man boobs” or loss of facial hair or change in depth of voice etc., and of course, reduced fertility and libido.

Our recommendation

Foodnetindia recommends that you buy water only in glass bottles. Avoid any drink sold in a plastic bottle.

Try and carry water with you, it is safer and better for the environment as well. But don’t use plastic or aluminium bottles. Use glass or stainless steel.

Throw away all plastic and aluminium bottles from your home and do not use them to store water in your refrigerator or outside. Replace them with glass or stainless steel bottles.

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Dushyant Krishnan– A lawyer and a food lover  who wanted to spread awareness about the various food safety concerns that exist in India. He decided to do something about this by creating a platform for people to learn about food safety and related law.






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