Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Floor Options for Your Green Home

Unfortunately, it took quite a long time for eco-friendliness and sustainability to become trendy and popular. However, now that leading a green lifestyle is becoming more and more present, the options you have when it comes to your own contribution are pretty satisfactory. One of the main points of concern for environmental damage is definitely your own home. You can try different alternatives in order to boost the sustainability of your home. One of the most effective things that you can do is choose an eco-friendly floor. The following options may be the perfect choice for your personal environment.

Reclaimed hardwood

Hardwood floors are truly some of the most beautiful flooring solutions that you can use in your own place. Essentially, they match any décor style and you can choose between various shades and shapes for the best effect. However, buying brand new hardwood is far from eco-friendly. Still, if you want a look with added sustainability, you can always opt for reclaimed hardwood or recycled timber waste. You’ll get the warmth and coziness of hardwood without contributing to more trees being cut down.

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Carpets that have it all

Carpets may not be the first thing you think of when looking for a sustainable flooring solution. However, there are plenty of sustainable carpets on the market that will create a soft, warm and textured look inside your home. Materials such as wool, sisal and jute are known as eco-friendly alternatives to your regular rugs. What’s more, if you value shabby chic, minimal, modern or Scandi interior design, a lustrous rugs would match your home perfectly.

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Bamboo floors for Zen homes

Obviously, you don’t have to decorate your entire home in Zen fashion in order to enjoy the fashionable look and sustainability of bamboo flooring. Still, if that’s the style you’re going for, there’s hardly anything more appropriate than bamboo. Namely, bamboo is a grass that reaches its full growth potential every three years. It’s a perfect alternative to hardwood floors; however, it doesn’t go well with moisture, so don’t use it in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s also durable and easy to maintain, and you can find it in a whole range of attractive shades and designs.

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The long-lasting polished concrete

If you don’t mind the sturdiness of concrete, this may truly be the best sustainable flooring solution on this list. Even more so if you manage to find recycled concrete. Thanks to the polishing technique, concrete is no longer a rough, gray surface that will make your home plain and dull. On the contrary, concrete can mimic absolutely any flooring solution these days and comes in a variety of different colors and patterns. Not to mention the fact that it’s extremely easy to maintain and can last for decades without any signs of damage.

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Natural linoleum

Similar to vinyl but not the same, natural linoleum is one of the most sustainable and green floor solutions that you can get for your home, especially when it comes to damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. In general, linoleum dries very easily and water doesn’t cause any damage. What’s more, it’s incredibly easy to clean. Of course, the durability is great, especially considering that it’s made from biodegradable renewable resources.

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The fabulous cork

Cork has become popular as a sustainable flooring solution only recently. This is mainly because there weren’t that many color variations and designs for cork floors. However, all that is changed now and you can find cork floors in an array of shades and patterns. Cork is relatively similar to bamboo and hardwood, with an extra sustainable benefit that’s difficult to ignore. Namely, it’s a great way to insulate your home and prevent energy waste.

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If your goal is to create a home that’s sustainable, eco-friendly and waste-free, green flooring options are definitely an essential aspect to look into. Take the time to decide what will work best for your place and different rooms, so that you get both the looks and the functionality.


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