Rain – The Preferred Car Wash

The way we believe that clean home is happier home, a clean vehicle is a happier vehicle too. One can prefer to be environment friendly and not clean car to save up of water but the reality is this eco-friendly act will cost you in terms of both paint damage and resale value.

Been reading somewhere that a clean car offers slightly better aerodynamics. Even if I don’t care for these two advantages of clean car, living in a dusty and polluted city one can not afford not to clean the car and not feel guilty of wasting precious water. With about 60 Lakh vehicles(in mid-2016) in Bangalore and even if half use 10 litre (average half a bucket)water daily its 300 lakh litre water gone down the drain. A simple and much more sustainable method for keeping car reasonably clean without visiting a car wash is called rain! Rain water is the softest possible water and has been said to do wonders for your hair and skin so perhaps it can do wonders for car too.

Pre monsoon showers in our city have started bringing down lots of pollution and dust but still cars need cleaning once in a while and I do it guilt free these days. Thanks to rains. Been practicing this for some time now and no matter what the car care people tell you it’s the best and eco-friendly way to keep ones vehicle clean. They do fear the loss of business.

The force of a good rainstorm can rinse off stubborn pollen, stuck on bugs, and even bring a bit of shine back to that old, weathered paint which is what city cars need unless one has been to a jungle safari on a mud road. In such case one can combine rain and hand spray

Rain washing  doesn’t require harsh chemical cleansers  as the water coming down is softest possible available and doesn’t leave stains after the wash. If one feels the need of using cleanser one can soak a sponge in eco-friendly soapnut solution, rub the outside  with it and then let the rains do the rinsing.

One negative aspect is the acid rains which people in the area of heavy smog and pollution usually get but that can be taken care by waiting for some time after the rains start so that all the pollution is washed down

After few minutes of starting of heavy rains one can take the vehicle out of parking and let it soak in the purest water. It takes 10-20 minutes depending upon the cleaning required or the intensity of rain, after that all it needs is a soft car wiping cloth to wipe it dry. Always keep a fresh supply of clean wiping cloth in the car. . While on work cars are usually parked in the open and get washed during the day rains. One can just wipe it dry or can take out the car during lunch time to wash it in the rains. Have enjoyed nice coffee and hot samosas many times in the car while sitting in the rains. Don’t waste the rains this year



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