Monsoon Checklist- Being Prepared is Eco-friendly

Everyone is eagerly waiting for rains this year and according to the weatherman it’s going to be a good one. Though rains bring lots of problems but still year after year we fail to prepare in advance which leads to  waste of money and resources. Having faced several problems myself I have listed some tips to prepare for monsoons this year. (Check up on how to collect rainwater in your balcony)

Clean while the Sun shines– Damp atmosphere with no sun leads to mould and fungus starting to grow on surfaces like curtains, furniture, walls and in washrooms. In our climate we need a ‘Monsoon-Cleaning” rather than the spring one. Cleaning home fully including kitchen and washrooms is essential before the monsoons check in. Now professional cleaning services are also available. Here’s what needs to be done-

1) Washing all curtains, carpets, and other furnishing and drying out in hard sun for several hours is a must to avoid respiratory problems later.

2) A thorough cleaning of washrooms and letting it dry in hot atmosphere.

3) Cleaning cupboards with some natural bug repellent and putting silica gel pouches to absorb moisture. If possible putting unused dresses out in the sun for couple of hours.

4) Washing food grain storage containers and drying fully to avoid grains catching fungus.

5) Cleaning the refrigerator and de- cluttering it to increase space needed later to store vegetables and fruits.

6) De-cluttering and throwing out cardboard cartons, newspapers, packaging as they collect dust and fungal spores.

7) Cleaning the bookshelf and putting insect repellents.


1) Checking on umbrellas, raincoats and other protective gear and purchasing if necessary.

2) Carrying a small umbrella, a thin cotton towel, 2-3 big plastic bags and lots of rubber bands. These plastic bags come in handy for walking in the rain. It can be worn over shoes and tied by rubber bands. It saves the shoes.

3) Buying grocery and storing in clean dry airtight containers will avoid unnecessary trips to shops.

4) Refrigerating fruits and vegetables as rains damage the local produce. Milk can be boiled kept in freezer. It lasts for weeks.

refrigerator full of fresh fruits and vegetables

5) Stocking up important medications including antiseptic washes and disinfectant powder. Potassium Permanganate crystals are a must to  clean  fruits and vegetables and like disinfectant washes.

Diet- As with any other change in season we need to boost immunity before rains. During monsoons there are lot of fluctuations in temperature leading to many infectious diseases. One can boost immunity by including foods with minerals like Zinc, which boosts immunity. Nuts, pumpkin seeds, spinach, mushrooms have zinc. Consumption of these or supplement should start before monsoons. Probiotics keep the gut in good health and its consumptions should start before the monsoons. One thing I have found good for my recurring throat infection in monsoon is tea with Tulsi(Basil) and Mulethi(Liquorice) .

Have A Happy Monsoon !



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