Green Vacation Rules

Before leaving home stop newspaper, check taps for dripping, unplug appliances, put refrigerators on vacation mode and water all potted plants or arrange someone to water them later.

On The Road

Take public transport and first choice in India is railways.

rail1Train journeys are enjoyable, affordable and all major tourist spots are linked by trains in India. Flying is a lot faster, but it’s more harmful to the environment. Planes put out more carbon dioxide per person than any other form of transportation. With no other options choose the shortest possible and direct route.

In today’s stressful corporate life, short, over the weekend vacations are very popular.Taking bus to nearby locations will be cheaper and greener. If driving down the place, plan with friends so the car can be shared and the vacation more enjoyable.

Be green on the road by not littering. Carrying simple homemade food items like sandwiches and water is always safer as highway eateries are far from cities and have stale food many times. This is also economical and we don’t generate lot of waste like bottles and plastic packaging while travelling. Get the vehicle serviced before travel to get good mileage. A hybrid car would be a greener option but affordability is an issue.

Invest in solar chargers for portable appliances.


Research Hotel

Encourage and patronise a place with options like solar powered lights, rain water harvesting, backyard organic farming, waste management, recycling, water treatment and so on. A hotel locally owned and operated, with practises in place to reduce consumption, no damage to nature and contributing to the local community should be the first choice. Check out for a list of options and hotel profiles.

During the stay

Don’t waste!. We always think, since we are paying we should utilize to the extreme. The resources we waste are priceless. So don’t spend more time more than necessary in shower. Turn off taps, lights and AC when not needed like we do at home. Reuse sheets and towels. Use rechargeable batteries for your camera Dispose waste according to the hotel norms and don’t make it a plastic dump yard.

Use public transportation, rent bikes or walk while sight-seeing. Patronize local handicrafts and other stuff as souvenirs. Last but not least talk about the place you visited to popularize “Green Vacation.” .

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Some places pure and printine
Conifer trees in the backwaters of Bay of Bengal(Pudducherry, Private Beach)
Abbey Falls Coorg and a bay  in  Arbian sea, Goa


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  • 12 September, 2015 at 8:50 am

    Hi Greenmoksha,

    Thank you for sharing these very useful green tips when planning vacations. They are very practical and useful.


    • 12 September, 2015 at 9:50 pm

      Thanks Subhodeep. Will be great if you too can share your views on our portal.


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