‘Glass Jar Swap India’-Our Initiative

Plastics has been ruining our environment for a long time but all we run after is “Ban the Bags”. Almost everything which we buy is packed in some sort of plastic container. Food and beverages, personal care all come in fancy multi-coloured plastic bottles. Its not that there aren’t plastic free options around. Many big organizations have products in glass jars as well as plastic bottles . Its us who choose the plastic version in the name of convenience.

Till today I am mocked for looking around products in glass bottles. People ask -What will you do with so many glass bottles? Wont they break? They cant be kept in fridge or many other such remarks . Sometimes I am even  called “Kabadi” but I don’t care. I collect and use them around the house and believe me only couple of them broke in so many years. Comes out squeaky clean from dishwasher, can be sterilized and put in microwave too. I keep left over food or newly prepared dishes, DIY preserves and batter and many more. With little practice  they can go in freezer too.

These helped to make our kitchen plastic free. And it helped many women in need. I often collect and hand it out to women home entrepreneurs who prepare preserves and pickles. Recycling as well as helping some one earn a little more.

Some one came one day and asked how she can give away her spare bottles too. Was glad that someone shared my view and to find out others like me ,we at Greenmoksha.com decided to make a group ‘Glass Jar Swap India’ on FaceBook . This Group  is for enthusiasts who want to share extra jars from their collection with interested people from their area. Its simple, join and post photo of what you want to share along with your area. Interested persons can contact directly. We don’t encourage monetary transactions but it’s up to the persons involved .

Appeal to all to join and make it a success .


A physicist turned green living advocate.

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