Easy Eco-Friendly Ways To Make Your Daily Life ‘Green’

If we truly want to think about bigger issues of global warming impact on our earth, we need to act on the less bothered and almost neglected daily changes we can adopt to make life green. We almost always forget to start the revolution right from our own door-step. To reduce global warming, accepting green lifestyle and habits in our life, are equally important.

1.Start from your garden: We can make a twist and turn our garden Eco-friendly. Seeding some common plants and vegetables which we use daily will be so much time saving. Our civilization had taught us various ways to grow our own food with the help of fertile land and access of water. This will give us organic food in minimum cost and with lots of benefits. Vegetables can be grown at garden as well as your balcony – it is that much easy and space saving to maintain.

2. Make you kitchen ‘go green’: Our mornings start from our breakfast table and ends with dinner rituals. Considering to eat moderate amount of fish and meat, cutting down on processed food can be far more beneficial. Use fresh, organic and fair trade standard groceries from nearby farmer’s market. You can opt for making your meal more delicious from left over and keep the food in freezer before it goes bad. Never forget to reduce food wastage.

3. Save water to save life: Water consumption at home can be cleverly be utilized in various ways. Start with a glass of water while brushing or shaving, use a bucket rather than shower head while bathing and make it short, buy washing machine and dishwasher which is water and energy efficient and use it while fully loaded.  Try to detect and treat the water leakage inside and outside of the house and use a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway. Remember, water conservation and wise use of water in day to day life saves us from water pollution in rivers and lakes.

4. Save your wallet by using energy saving products: If you are thinking to change your old appliances, buy the energy saving items including lights and electronics. Turn off the switches and unplug the devices when they are not in use. Walk or use bike for nearby distance, use more public transport and carpool. Try to avoid driving while in rush hour traffic time.

5. Eco-friendly materials for better living: Every day is a new beginning, therefore, begin from your wardrobe- use recycled dresses to wear. Cotton cloths are good and healthy choice for babies instead of diapers. Use rechargeable batteries and solar chargers for your devices, even for your phone! Use of cotton grocery bags instead of plastics will make one of the most important difference in fixing the biggest problem of water pollution. Stop using toxic and animal tested products in makeup, cleaners and detergents. Reducing the use of disposable items and recycling what you are using is another vital thing to keep in mind. You can also opt for Eco-friendly furniture to make your home look good and feel good.

Start today: Starting is easy and certainly it takes some time to change the way of living into healthy, economical and Eco-friendly way. But you can be creative and have fun in this journey. Include your friends and family and even your children (they are the most optimistic and enthusiastic persons in Eco-changing process) in one project at a time to enjoy the difference. The whole point is not that you are changing the world but making it a better and safe place just by modifying your thought and the lifestyle.


Guest Author Sayantani  is a budding writer check her webpage www.candidcontext.com

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