Deforestation and Poaching…Some Facts

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In our culture forests are considered as “Van Devta”  means the God of forest. In Indian epics, forests have a significant role. But nowadays things are changing nobody cares about forests.


1. Worldwide forest cover is about 31% of Earth’s land surface.

2. 36% of those forests are primary forests which have taken hundreds of years to grow and in our lifetime we can’t regrow them.

3. Only about 5% of our forests are rain forests.

Coming from a village and agricultural background  I will explain to you what is going in and around village boundaries and how these valuable forests are destroyed.


-Most of the rural  people depend on forests for the timber they use as firewood but cut some branches and letting the trees remain.

-Those who are depend on forest timber will not like its end. So, in some parts they  plant trees for their future purpose.

-Nobody  entirely kills a tree they just cut dried branches and some green branches.

-Some countries encourage social forestry in order to conserve their forest area, where people are engaged for guarding their forest.

-Since timber is valuable  some people cut and smuggle.

I have some explanations how this is done.

-Forest  officials  are blamed as corrupt but this is wrong. Persons  involved in illegal activities have a huge following in villages. They play a crucial role in politics and  officers are regularly  harassed. Corruption is there but not in a big way.

-Based on the season this illegal activities are go on. If it is summer they don’t  cut more trees in an area but  cut trees in a zigzag manner. In rainy season lots and lots of trees are cut down and thrown in nearby rivers and collected somewhere else.

-The transportation of all these material is done when the forest  guards cannot perform their activities normally like on hot summer days, cool winter nights or  rainy days. All the commercial vehicles are checked at forest check posts. But illegal activities are highly through domestic vehicles only. Checking all vehicles  is impossible.

-Forest officers and guards are also humans. They are living in hard conditions where their life is in danger and  are not provided with adequate facilities to control illegal activities.

-There are so many techniques for smugglers. The only remedy is giving employment to the rural youth of that area, who know in and out of surrounding forests. Then  a drastic change can be seen.

-Normally people who are carrying these activities will not use any machinery they just use natural means for destroying trees.

Techniques they follow to destroy trees

-People used to put  fire under large trees which was common.

-Nowadays techniques are changing. Some follow techniques like using alcohol and some chemicals to kill aged trees naturally.

-Some trees have been destroyed by employing natural means like termites and even ants.  I was shocked by seeing people use such methods to destroy age-old trees.

Poaching of animals

-Poaching is done by native guns using lead bullets and many other chemicals. lead is collected from some country fishing net and shaped into bullets.

-Some chemicals are inserted  in body parts of animals and  used as a bait for animals.

-Electric current is also employed for this process. Trained dogs are used for catching animals.

-At night, people use large electrical lamps focused on animals to get their  attention and shoot them.

-In summer for killing animals, they employ traps near ponds and lakes in forests. It’s a heart touching to see even  pregnant animals  being killed. Skin of these animals is taken off carefully in a series of dipping and drying in chemicals such that every single hair on the skin is preserved. Forest Officials can easily control these activities by controlling chemicals sold  in nearby market.

-Its not enough just to say “preserve environment”. Measures have to be taken so that people support tribal cottage industries resulting in tribal employment. This will stop tribal helping poachers.

-Educating people against  superstitions are a must to stop deforestation and poaching. Superstitious are being encouraged to kill a tiger to  take its skin to sit and pray to attain moksha. To wear a tiger nail to  get lucky for the lifetime. I am a Hindu but  do not support these superstitions. People pay a lot to buy horn of  deer , grind it and  apply on the baby skin baby to make it strong.

-Educating people will stop such businesses and render poaching less lucrative. Why environmental activists are not against these superstitions is my question to all. Since my childhood onwards I have seen many such incidents. Till now  no NGO is coming forward for conserving  forests in my area.

-There is no ban on videos showing how to cut animals.

People who are engaged in aquaculture firms kill a large number of eagles , endangered birds and also some migrating birds.Community lakes have been taken from forest villages where they are doing this. At night people  climb trees where these birds are living and catch hold of them if they miss they destroy  nests and sit near the trees to shoot them. Measures should be taken to have a modern aquaculture farm protected from birds. This will stop fishermen killing birds. Birds are killed and sold  in local markets. Forest department can stop the sale  of such birds to stop poachers killing them.

Poaching is encouraged by locals because of animals like boar, deer damage fields. People should be educated for not encouraging it. Human settlements should be away from forests and  live fence should be there to avoid wild animals entering  into villages.

Even educated youth are diverted to illegal activities because they unemployed.

Government should take appropriate measures to control these type of activities. It’s a never ending topic, but I should end it here…..

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6 thoughts on “Deforestation and Poaching…Some Facts

  • 19 July, 2015 at 7:48 am

    Good article real facts….

  • 20 July, 2015 at 10:07 am

    Good article! Facts are never pleasant but have to reach the euphoric nature enthusiasts to open their eyes. I wonder if everyone knows the ways of environmental offenders why is nothing being done to save what is left.

    • 20 July, 2015 at 11:26 am

      Nobody is going to control these illegal activities they are being threatened by locals. Only government is having authority to control it and people should be against these illegal activities.

  • 20 July, 2015 at 4:13 pm

    Good facts to go through. I feel we all are to blame for this issue…common man, officials, politicians and moreover, smugglers. Unless we take appropriate steps to control our own greed, no amount of effort will bear fruit.

    • 21 July, 2015 at 8:30 am

      True Alok, It has to come from inside. Nothing can force us to care for environment unless we ourselves
      feel that way.


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