All For The Best – ‘Maggi Controversy’ .

HOSTEL DAYS ARE BACK AGAIN!!!!  With the re-entry of traditional quick noodles-‘MAGGI’ .

You must have heard the story of the king with the missing finger and his constant complaining about it to his prime minister. Later  he was not eaten by a lion as lions don’t prefer leftover. Moral of the story “ Everything happens for the best” . The Maggi fiasco happened for the best too.

As the saying goes  “Good things always comes in a package of three”, these are the three main good things that have happened.

As a consumer we became much more conscious. Even my maid who is an immigrant, doesn’t know the local language and used to love Maggi which I made for her, refused to eat it anymore.

Manufacturers have become doubly careful now. At least for the time being. Most of the packaged stuff now displays FSSAI clearance which was not there few months back. To check the authenticity is up to us now.

Governing bodies have understood that there should be regular checking and state of the art analytical protocols have to be put in place. Sampling cannot be done in a way which will leave room for doubt.

This consciousness was much needed.  I am not saying that “Maggi” is good for us or environment. In fact it’s a food with almost zero health quotient. But still it’s a much better snack than deep fried “Bhajjies” in ‘Ancestral oil’* or “Cholera Bomb” phuchkas.

It has been a saviour on many times. During mess workers strike it was the only way to survive or go out of campus which was highly dangerous being far away from the city.

In sickness when you don’t have the energy to get up and no one to take care of you. All of us were down with H1N1 with no strength to even change sides while lying down. Maggi came to our aid then.

Though its not good to be addicted to it too but once in a while it will not cause much harm and will keep our other more unhealthy pangs under control.

For environment the packaging can be made more eco-friendly  specially the tastemaker as most of the quick cooking noodles have some type of lining inside the foil packet. This fusion material makes it impossible to recycle.

  • Oil that is always heated and refilled but never changed


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