The Time of Drones!

You all might already know what drones or UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are.USA has been using these for a long time now;The Taliban leader was also killed by a Drone strike;but these Drones have a lot of other applications and advantages as well.When it comes to making the World more Smarter and Sustainable these Drones are the answers that we are looking for.

Drone refers to an unmanned aircraft pre-programmed with a flight plan, in which the aircraft would fly in either a straight line or around in circles until the engine would run low on fuel, and then the drone would land.The most common drone is an aerial one, either an RPA (remote piloted aircraft) or UAV (unmanned/un-piloted aerial vehicle).

There are different type of drones as follow:-

  • Attack drones — Used only by the military, these drones are equipped with lethal weapons and used for controlled air strikes in hostile or inaccessible areas.

  • Crowd control drones — Equipped with non-lethal weapons such as tear gas or sound cannons, these drones are used to break up large, out-of-control crowds of people without causing any substantial physical harm. Typically used by the military and law enforcement.

  • Delivery drones — These drones are equipped with a claw or similar delivery system and are able to remotely drop items or gently place items in a desired target area. Some big shipping companies like DHL and Amazon are starting to implement these types of deliveries to minimize shipping times, overhead costs, and dangerous driving conditions.

  • Monitoring drones — Equipped with both standard and infrared cameras as well as sensitive weather instrumentation, these drones are used to monitor a variety of areas.

  • Photography/videography drones — These drones are becoming more popular in the art world. Prior to drone technology, aerial photos and videos had to be taken from an airplane or helicopter, and this process was very expensive. Now that commercial drones have become available, photographers and videographers of all kinds can get those stunning shots without the big budget.

The data from these drones form a ready database sort of a thing and it becomes easy to navigate and keep track of the objects.Their use has been proven to reduce costs and reduce Carbon Emissions which makes drones smart and a sustainable solution.

There are a lot of applications if used properly and with full knowledge beforehand.Some Applications in different sectors which are very important ,become easier with use of drones:-

1.For City/Government Administration

-Police surveillance

-Border Patrol / Detection

-Forestry and Fire Protection

-Highway Patrol and Enforcement

-Bridge Inspection

-Asset Management

-Military Uses

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2 thoughts on “The Time of Drones!

  • 18 July, 2015 at 11:06 am

    I find the best use of Drones in catching the environmental offenders like poachers, timber smugglers, garbage dumps polluting vehicles and water polluters. Since human guards and law enforcers can not be everywhere. What do you say….Arnav

  • 21 July, 2015 at 11:04 pm

    I agree as it will reduce the burden on the Law Enforcers and at the same time make the task easier for them to track down the culprits.The potential for usage of drones is infinite.All we have to do is think.


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