Nothing Is Free!!

This is a a decorative renewable energy system in our layout. It powers some street lights , park lights etc. It surrounds the park and provides the much needed ‘in vogue’ status to the layout which otherwise has extremely high air pollution from dust and diesel based heavy vehicles .

A perfect example of nothing is free in this world.

solar panels need to be cleaned of dust and grime regularly. Optimally once a week in cities where dust levels in the air are not very  high. For dusty regions almost daily and if dust includes diesel smoke it needs to be washed with surfactants every 2-3 days.


If this is not done then the dust that settles on the panels reduce their energy absorption efficiency. Solar panels are normally at a height of the roof. This means that one has to expend considerable energy and be athletic and climb on to the roof to clean the panels. It uses considerable amount of clean water too. Treated water damage the glass and reduce efficiency. In big solar parks there are mechanical cleaners but then they also consume some of the energy produced for their operation so that too leads to some loss. In most medium sized installations there are people employed to clean the panels as shown , which adds to the cost , complexity and increase failures.

High on maintenance solar energy is not able to spread its wings in our land . 


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