Inviting Innovative Ideas To Avoid Food Waste!!

Global Hunger and nutritional deficiency at present is not due to less food production. Its due to food waste. Almost one-third of all food produced each year is spoiled or thrown away before it can be consumed. With “Climate Change“ becoming more evident now, food production is going to go down drastically. Floods and droughts both destroy food production. And if we maintain the same rate of food wastage billions more will go hungry.  UN is trying to reduce food waste by 2030 but it doesn’t seem to be working on ground.

Currently food waste can be classified into two types

Food loss refers to food that is lost in between the producer and the consumer This can be the result of climatic disasters, pest infestations, in harvesting, handling, lack of storage, packing or transportation, in wholesale markets(mandis), due to agrarian protests, creation of false demands and more. These can only be tackled by authorities or farming cooperatives at a bigger level.

Food waste, refers to simply discarding food that is still safe and nutritious for human consumption. This is on domestic and societal level. We love good looking symmetrical, brightly colored ,spotless produce and anything which is below this optimal is discarded which is otherwise perfectly consumable . Excess buying and then letting good stuff go bad. Hoarding mindset. Scared of “Best before” dates and finally grand celebrations of religious festivals and family events.

Banana Peel

It is this second type in which we are interested in. This is for individuals and families to reduce their foodwaste footprint. We have started a new category ‘avoid food waste’ in which we will upload how to stop wasting food by tips on shopping ,storage and recipes from food which is non aesthetic but otherwise healthy. We invite guest posts , suggestions with #avoidfoodwaste in this category from our readers. Hope to hear from you all.

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