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With Valentine’s day round the corner  show little bit of love to your planet by gifting green. Make a resolution this year to start gifting green on any occasion. Internet, magazines are full of such suggestions. Take a look or just use your imagination.

For most popular Valentine’s day gifts use the organic version like homemade fair trade chocolates, organic flowers and handmade cards from recycled paper. If you are into cooking, homemade sweets, cakes and preserves are best gifts for any occasion. Other options include organic fabric/dye dresses, handicraft items, organic preserves etc.

Find organic, preservative and chemical free cosmetics, creams, lotions, perfumes, bath items in your city or order it in advance to make a gift hamper. If gifting candles get soya oil or beeswax candles. They are not harmful like paraffin wax candles. Buy organic

The list goes on but all your efforts will be useless if you don’t choose the right gift wrapping as they are not always eco-friendly. So choose the right gift wrap. Use a cloth ribbon or better still use beautiful floral printed recycled paper gift bags. This year Gift Green.

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Gift Bags

                         Some online stores for eco-friendly products:

                         Chocolates/beauty products-

                         Organic fabric-



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