Eco-Safe Planet – Start From The Heart Of Your Home.

If you always find ‘the heart of your home’ – kitchen to be messy and do not know how to organise it in a sustainable green way, then take these small tips to start your dream project. Though finding eco-friendly products is not that easy and it also costs much more than normal household items, but in the end, you will be able to save a lot more than you can think of. But the good news is nowadays more products are available online which makes life easier. Let’s find out what we can do to live a healthy life starting from the kitchen itself.

Eco-safe paints

Painting your walls is an easy and quick way to change the look of the kitchen and when you go to any store you will get hundreds of options and sub-options that will be enough to confuse you what to buy. Well, an easy way to make your kitchen eco-friendly is to choose eco-safe paints. These are natural paints that are specifically designed to have lower Volatile Organic Chemicals or VOC in short. These are non-toxic paints and can prevent health and environment problems. There are also other two types of eco-friendly paints that is zero VOC and natural paints. Natural paints are water-based and do not have any foul smell. 

Use of recycled-papers on the countertops

One of the most convenient post-consumer recycled paper is Paperstone. It is a unique composite material of 100% compressed recycled paper made from petro-free phenolic natural pigments. Its has the look and feel of smooth and soft touch just like soapstone. Paperstone is a chemical and stain-free and can withstand a good amount of heat. If you use it innovatively in the tabletop of your kitchen along with other places, it will be a cheap solution for a classy kitchen.

Use of scrap wood

We all have some leftover scrap woods at our home which stays there forever. You can give your kitchen a new dimension by using them as a DIY project. It will not only ignite your innovative mind but also help the environment to upcycle some woods and old furniture. You can make wall shelf, cutting board or even wooden coasters from them.

Water-saving features

As you know that every drop counts you can surely make some water-saving rules for your kitchen which is a place that needs water all day long for many purposes. Keep a glass or BPA free bottle in your kitchen to reduce the use of glasses regarding the drinking of water, as it will save your time and water energy as you will not wash the glass every time you drink. Wash fruits and vegetables in a container rather than under running water. It can save a lot of water every day. Use tap with a lock so that it will not waste any drop of water when not in use. 

Energy-saving lights

The common CFLs can save your money each month. You can opt for under cabinet and in-drawer lights which will not only give a positive ambience to your kitchen but also focus on the particular area you will need to brighten up rather than the whole kitchen to save energy. 

Natural flooring and wallpapers

Natural flooring is free from stain and other harmful colouring techniques. You can use wallpapers and flooring which are made from natural elements. They are non-toxic and less harmful to the environment. It will certainly give a good feeling to your kitchen.

Natural fabrics

Natural or organic fabrics like cotton which is chemical and pesticide-free can be a great choice for the curtains of your kitchen along with hand towels. They are softer, smells cleaner and less prone to any kind of allergies.

Organic cleaning products

There are many eco-friendly brands which are great for using in your kitchen to keep it squeaky clean. Other than that if you have enough time then make some DIY cleaning materials with like vinegar or baking soda that will give you no less or even better non-toxic cleaning experience. 

Gold Star appliances

When you are buying appliances for your kitchen check out for 5-star gold rating on it. It is always eco-friendly to buy low consumption appliances as it saves energy when needed. 

Breathe freshness: Potted plants

You can never imagine how the ambience of your kitchen can change with some life, like potted plants. They will not only help your kitchen to look good but also can become easy to access to some regular herbs that you need for cooking. We use Aloe Vera, mint, cilantro or coriander, basil etc., which grow easily in pots and are used in our everyday meal.  

So, try these simple hacks now and start to save the environment right from your doorstep!

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