Eco-Friendly Or Not ????

This is our first Christmas tree 🌲. Infact our only Christmas tree. Our baby’s first Christmas tree— still going strong after so many years.  We purchased it in a sudden half price sale (else we wouldn’t have been able to afford it being young parents then) . It has optical fibres  running in the leaves and a rotating bulb which makes coloured light come out of different leaves(though we don’t use that anymore) . A complete tree with colourful light as #decorations … Baby loved it . 👶🏻

As baby grew up we added one decoration every year. String lights were the first- ‘GE’ lights which are set to run maybe for another 20 years who knows.

As a kid I had always seen living Christmas tree(#morpankhi ,#cyprus in India) . But when one keeps moving – higher studies, jobs, apartment living one can’t afford to have a green Christmas tree. That comes later when you settle down in a place( #retirement ) .👨🏼‍🦳👩‍🦳

Are we then Eco friendly or not ?? 🙁🙁😕😕

It’s ok and eco-friendly to have an old plastic tree, decorations.  In our plastic free journey I have found that there is a misconception that something  new is to be done  to be eco-friendly.  You need to buy this…. you need to have one of these… you need this or that’ when really you don’t. 

Reusing what we already have and stopping our addiction to single use plastics is the key. 

Sustainability is to use what we already have as long as possible and only replace what needs to be replaced with a more environmentally friendlier option. 

As a society we buy way too much of things that we don’t really need. We are guilty of it. So it’s one of the biggest habits that we have to change. This Christmas avoid junk presents . Choose green options or gift coupons so that receiver invests them according to need .

reuse reduce recycle refuse is green living


Merry Christmas !!



A physicist turned green living advocate.

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