Earth Day

Earth Day

Today is world Earth Day. Gaylord Nelson, founder of the Earth Day chose 22nd of April to spread awareness among common public, especially among youngsters about environmental protection. This year the theme is ‘Green Cities’ as environmental degradation is increasing along with the increase in urban population. The question again pops up whether development is detrimental to environment. It need not be. Awareness is what is lacking in urban people. Urban population doesn’t want to make even a little bit of effort towards saving the planet.

It’s every human’s responsibility to contribute. For example garbage segregation is one thing which urban population just doesn’t seem to understand. Use of polluting vehicles or wastage of water are some other issues urban population face.  The difference of use and misuse  is not only the prefix mis. All the processes in the world require certain amount of energy . Be it in application of renewable energy systems or recycling of used stuff. This is what makes all processes unsustainable. Best eco-friendly tip one can give is- to  conserve, avoid misuse and overuse.

Greenmoksha encourages all of its readers to go out and spread awareness about the tiny efforts needed by all of us to save our planet. Not only on April 22nd but throughout the year. Plant Trees, recycle plastic, encourage ecofriendly packaging, collect rain water, carpool, do not littler and do talk about  your efforts. It encourages others.

Greenmoksha wishes its readers a Green Earth

Day and a Greener New Year.


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