Climate Change and India – Crucial Decisions To Follow


Change in Climate is not a matter of concern for India alone; in fact, it has become a burning issue for the whole world. India’s capital had started heating up in the month of March only and by the time May touched it, it had broken all the records. Heat waves have galloped almost two thousand lives which is a big number! This big change actually wants to convey a lot to us which we are hesitating to accept or understand. There has been a complex process of nature behind the Earth’s birth and development of life on it. This has been the efforts of millions of years that living beings have got a place to grow and survive. Earth’s blanket i.e. Environment had been gifted to us by the Nature as a shelter for life but the only condition was to keep respecting its sensitivities and limits. This condition was also for the well being of living beings and for their long survival only.

The blind race of securing more and more luxuries is actually drowning us. When our heart was filled with bread, cloth and shelter then we started to look for more luxuries of life and this desire took us towards development but not a sustainable one. Transport, roads, flyovers and variety of gadgets have changed the whole scenario of the world and after luxury, lust made its place. According to our economic conditions we got stuck in the web of lust. Not only the cities irregular and uncertain development has changed the situation but the source of nature i.e. forests and rivers faded away from the villages as well. These both elements are those by which environment is secured and loosing both of them means being in a great danger. Its main reason was exploitation of nature.

Nepal’s earthquake or Kedarnath’s tragedy, flood of Srinagar, one this was common in all these incidents was that the effects were impeccable and horrible as if it was the true indication and warning from the nature’s side for humans to back-off! It is a great matter of concern that climate change is also a big threat to the food security! Yes, India’s vulnerability and exposure to climate change will not only slow down its economic growth and impact health and development but will also make poverty reduction more challenging than ever by eroding food security. India is already seen as one of the most disaster prone nation in the world while many of its people almost half of the population lives in areas vulnerable to disasters such as floods, cyclones, droughts and famines. Fluctuating and freaky weather patterns will not only affect the agricultural output and food security but will also lead to water shortages and trigger outbreaks of water and mosquito-borne diseases such as diarrhea, malaria in the developing nation like India.  Dealing with such problems will be a crucial task for the government as the country is already dealing with the problem of price-rise and food shortage due to fluctuating monsoon.

The need of the hour is to keep a balance between development and environment and there is a strict need of a sustainable development because without it the situation will only become worst. Farmers need to be trained for adopting sustainable farming solutions and must be encouraged to go for organic farming. Farmers training centers and technology schools must be opened in every village for this purpose. Also there is a big role of people in the direction of sustainable environment and development. They should demand the government to cut down the prices of LED lights and should make a clever move to use more of public transport than to flaunt their own pretty luxurious cars because now its about their lives and they cannot deny the fact that climate change has actually started showing its true colors and its high time that they must wake up and adopt sustainable lifestyle.

It is  the prime responsibility of the government of India to look out for every sort of solution – big or small to promote the use of clean energy and renewable sources and try to lower down the use of fossils, though it will be a tough job for a developing nation like India but we are left with no choice now but to adopt clean energy and undoubtedly , it will be a great choice as it will not only improve the weather conditions in the country but will also create more jobs, employment opportunities, will stabilize the economic development and food security situation in a much better way. Hence, the time has come to take some hard looking steps now to make our future smooth and comfortable with both green and clean environment.

Divya Sharma

Divya is a social activist, fighting for Human Rights and Environmental issues. She has been working with and associated with some international NGO’s. She has led some successful environment related campaigns and plans to do more of such work in coming years. Divya enjoys travelling, meeting new people, reading, writing, and composing poetry in her free time. She can be contacted at

3 thoughts on “Climate Change and India – Crucial Decisions To Follow

  • 7 September, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    Nice article…but it’s not just the duty of government but also the people of India to save the existing green…cutting trees for no reason …too many cars on the road increasing in pollution spitting…even we are also enjoying att the natural resources so even have certain responsibilities which we are lacking…people go for vacation to the reports n. Njoy the green relax but don’t realize that it is necessary for our well-being in day today life…rather selfish peopl foolish people.

    • 7 September, 2015 at 4:09 pm

      I totally agree Sowmya…and that’s why we are here to create awareness. But somehow our people need a sword of rules and regulations hanging over their heads to think about their own welfare. You can attribute it to lack of education but according to me its a simple phenomenon “once a slave, always a slave”. A selfish attitude stems from this leading to over-indulgence, misuse, breaking of laws and not caring about other fellow citizens. First principle of green living is think about all with whom we share this planet….be it humans trees or insects. We pollute soil with chemicals for our food without thinking about millions of living organisms in soil and water. Similarly an auto driver keeps his rundown heavily polluted auto on the roads for earning his daily wages. Increasing population without thinking even once….All this require governing body’s intervention.


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