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2014-03-21 18.06.38Refrigerator finds a place of reverence  in Indian homes. It has become more affordable today but still its considered to be a lifetime investment. Latest variety from big brands all have star rating in power consumption but it is the most power consuming appliance in our house. Rest all we can switch off after use but this works 24/7. Dont make it a electricity sucking machine.  Little care and we can save power .

Most important  for power saving is cleaning of the refrigerator coil.  It can save  6% or more power consumption.  The could gather much dust and grease and other flotsam scum.  dusty coils make refrigerator to work harder and hence increased bill. This will also shorten the life of the refrigerator.  We have much dusty and polluted atmosphere in the city and also our cooking gives out lots of oil vapour so I recommend we make it a monthly cleaning assignment.  My advice is to get the service done by a trained technician once to learn what we can do.  So from today onwards  have this on the monthly work list, unplug and start. Depending upon the place we live in these should be cleaned every month to quarterly. It looks scary to touch the coils but once power is off we can use vacuum, duster, moist cloth etc. to take away the webs and dust. Putting the fridge on rollers makes the job a lot less irritating though.

Other tips for decreasing power consumption includes

Refrigerator should have some space between the coils and wall so that air can circulate and cool the condenser coils.

A full refrigerator ensures temperature is evenly distributed . We can fill some bowls with water and keep if space is empty or get a smaller one.

Gaskets should be cleaned regularly to avoid less cooling.

Follow these tips and let me know about your electricity bill.

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