A Drop Is Not Enough! “World Environment Day”

A drop is not enough…

We have learnt that drops make ocean. But our drop is not useful unless everyone contribute their drops too. A few people per community is not enough.

This is the picture of an ideal society in our city which treats and recycles  it’s grey water, collects rainwater for whole years supply, segregates waste and recycles them becoming waste free society , composts organic waste and many more ..

They were flooded with the erratic rains months before the monsoons set in .

Why? Because only they tried sustainable living . No one in the entire city even bothered to check where their waste goes or how much is their societies Carbon foot print .

Now more than ever, our planet needs us to step up and take action towards cleaning up many of the messes we have made through irresponsibility. Whether it be from oil spills, air pollution plastics or toxic chemicals leaking into our water, there is still a lot that must be done to bring our ecosystem back into balance.

Unfortunately, because so many people are living in survival mode, the importance of our environment has taken a back seat.

Just one virus shook the  core of human race .Imagine the organisms under permafrost coming out due to global warming . As righty pointed out by

Leonardo DiCaprio

“Our planet’s alarm is going off, and it is time to wake up and take action!

“The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.”-Richard Rogers

Happy Environment Day !!


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