5 Must Have’s to Eco-vate Your Kitchen

We are not aware that most of cooking-aids in the kitchen have a manual version too. This saves a lot of power in the kitchen. To make cooking enjoyable without harming the environment we must have these in our kitchen. Its time to eco-vate  your kitchen.

Manual Food Processing Appliances- These appliances perform exactly like their electrical versions in cutting chopping, shredding, blending juicing etc. The only difference is we have to be the power and  the new products with improved gears are easy enough for kids to handle.


I started to look around for manual food processors after watching  the show “ Chakhle India” , where chef Aditya Bal roams around on his bike carrying his huge mortar and pestle and grinding  his spices to the perfect texture for yummy curries. I finally found one huge one for myself at the ancient city “Hampi”.


Anyway for the grinding to a paste too we get a manual processor. Combination of these can save a lot of electrical power as they are used daily.

Manual Oil Press- It has become increasingly necessary to have good chemical free cooking medium. Couple of decades ago people used to get their cooking oil extracted at the local oil mills. This simple manual press can extract fresh oil without any additives at home.

Clay Refrigerator- With our busy life style our refrigerators are growing bigger and bigger to stock up more and more. If we use a small refrigerator for frozen items and store fruits and vegetables in our indigenous “Mitticool” clay refrigerators we will again be saving a lot of power. It can also keep dairy products good for 24 hours.

Heirloom cooking utensils- By heirloom I didn’t mean that one has to ask grandparents for their utensils. Some options like cast iron, copper and steel cooking pots and pans are safe, chemical free and lasts for generations.

Manual Dishwasher- It has always been the dream of women to have a machine to wash dirty dishes. This old photo shows it.

Then electrical dishwashers came and made life easier. It’s now proven that they use about one third of water in washing the same number of dishes than hand-wash. Recently a manual dishwasher has been launched which works like electrical dishwashers in spraying water from base but it works by rotating a handle by hand. It takes a minute to clean items from a two place setting.

it doesn’t look like we can clean the huge pots and pans used in Indian cooking but as it take only a few minutes,cleaning can be done in multiple loads. Waiting for it to be in Indian markets to be able to save more power.

Actually one more appliance should find place here which is  a truly green appliance- a solar cooker . It doesn’t pollute environment in its entire life cycle, from manufacture to recycle,  but  not popular in our homes anymore .

Even if it works only in day light we should have one of it to save half of the energy used in cooking. My aunt used solar cooker whole day even to roast flour to make “Laddus” or spices to make “Curry powder”. Its one the most versatile appliance I have seen.

So go ahead and get these cooking-aids one by one to cook off-grid.

Click to “A Complete Guide To Eco-vate Your Kitchen” here.

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      True Shweta…These are old ways in a new and attractive package 🙂


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